Additional Information:

If you have your own winter/skiing shell jackets and pants, then bringing these items along would be recommended. If you do not, then please let us know and we will have some lightweight jackets and pants for you to take with you. 

 Because you will be spending the day in the high-alpine and in a glaciated environment, then it is important to consider the following items:

* The cost of your trip includes the rental of specially-designed mountaineering boots and equipment for use on the glacier (includes a harness, carabiners, helmet, mountaineering axe, jacket/pants, gloves, warm knit hat, crampons, boot gaiters, and light day pack).

* Cotton socks can be problematic; a good hiking sock (ex. synthetic or merino wool, or blends) is worth the investment.
* Pack along a sun hat, sunblock/lipblock, and having sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection is essential.

* We will supply a 'box' style lunch but guests may wish to pack more snacks along to ensure they have enough food for a full day of exercise in the mountains.
* We will also make water bottles available for the trip; however, guests should also consider bringing a water bladder along to complement their hydration, especially if they're accustomed to consuming large amounts of fluid. Note: electrolyte tablets in the water can also make a difference with physical performance over the course of lengthy/strenuous activity.
* Although we will have some available, guests should try to pack extra insulation along (stretch-weave softshell, warm fleece, and/or shell jacket) in the event of cool winds on ridgecrests or a delay in the mountains.
* Lightweight merino wool as an underlayer is better than cotton.
* A bandana for dipping into cool water/creeks can be helpful on very hot days.
* Comfortable summer hiking pants (stretch-weave/water resistant style) are recommended; cotton jeans and shorts are discouraged as they are least practical in snowy/cool environments.
* Guest may wish to pack a spare set of socks.

If guests have any questions, then please feel free to contact us. There are several shops in Whistler that sell good-quality outdoor clothing/equipment and we're happy to provide you with store names/locations, should you wish to purchase anything specific.