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Heli Assisted ski touring with Extremely Canadian

Combining the ease and convenience of heli-skiing with the serenity and challenge of ski touring!

A unique and remote experience in the beautiful Coast Mountains might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Enjoy a full day of mind-blowing back-country skiing, snowboarding or telemarking in the zones you’ve always dreamt of getting to, or ones you didn’t even know existed. Extremely Canadian’s certified ACMG guides will help you conquer those runs on your bucket list and help you get to them in style. Blackcomb Helicopters will drop you and your Extremely Canadian guide off in a back-country zone such as Mt. Currie, Cayoosh, Birkenhead or Snowspider, among others, and then we will pick you up after you’ve tackled peaks and pow fields.


Need rentals for the day?

Extremely Canadian is able to set you up with local retailers in the village and arrange rentals for the day. The shop is able to provide you with skis, splitboards, skins, poles and all necessary avalanche safety gear.

Need a lunch for the day?

They are able to order you a basic lunch, with your choice of sandwich. Choice between turkey, ham, pulled pork or veggie. The lunch consists of a sandwich, piece of fruit, cookie and a bottle of water.


Zones & Costs:

Mt. Currie - $2996 + GST

Bastion - $3596 + GST

Cayoosh South - $3596 + GST

Fowl - $3596 + GST

Snowspider - $3996 + GST

Snowspider South - $ 3996 + GST

Cayoosh North - $4396 + GST

Birkenhead - $4396 + GST

Snowspider East - $4996 + GST