Please consider the following for your trip planning with us:
* Bring a small, lightweight backpack for personal items and lunch.
* Pack lightly but with the important things.
* Much of our travel is off-trail and on uneven ground.
* Guides will select the most efficient and comfortable routes.

* Avoid street shoes or open-toed shoes.
* Boots should be sturdy and with a pronounced tread to prevent slipping. Low-cut gentle trail walking shoes are not as sturdy.
* Higher-cut boots (that support the ankle) provide the best stability, especially for off-trail/uneven ground conditions.

* New boots should be broken in a little before your trip as this will ensure fewer foot issues like blisters. 
* Check to ensure that boot laces are not overly worn (bring a spare set of the appropriate length, if necessary).

* Cotton socks can be problematic; a good hiking sock (ex. synthetic or merino style, or blends) is worth the investment.
* Guests may wish to pack along a spare set of socks.

* Pack along a sun hat, sunblock/lipblock, and having sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection is essential.
* Guests should pack warm clothing, even on forecasted warm days(ex. stretch-weave style softshell, warm fleece, Gore-Tex shell jacket) in the event of cool winds on ridgecrests, cloud cover, rain, or a delay in the mountains.

* A bandana for dipping into cool water/creeks can be helpful on hot days.
*  Lightweight merino wool as an underlayer is better than cotton.
* Comfortable summer hiking stretch-weave style outdoor pants (synthetic fibres) are strongly recommended. Cotton jeans should be avoided.

* We will supply a 'box' style lunch, but guests may wish to pack along additional snacks if they are accustomed to eating more during a full day of exercise in the mountains.
* We will also make water bottles available for the trip; however, guests may also consider bringing an additional water bladder along if guests are accustomed to drinking more during exercise/outings. Electrolyte tablets in the water can make a difference with physical performance over the course of the hike.

* Guests may wish to bring a collapsible ski/trekking pole as an aid on uneven ground; your guide often has spares available.
* We have bug repellant available, in case it is required.

*  If guests require hiking boots, then it may be possible for us to arrange for rentals. Please let us know in advance, so that we may make arrangements. If so, then we will require your U.S. shoe size.
Please contact us should you have any other questions.