A new, private experience, to bring you closer to nature in the most peaceful yoga setting you could imagine. 


Your private yoga class will start with a flight to the remote Beverley lake on the back side of Rainbow mountain.  There, we have a large flat shoreline next to the shimmering blue waters where a trained yoga instructor will guide you through the methodical movements to make you feel at home in the mountains.  With 1.5 hours of time at the mountaintop, this will give you plenty of time for a 60 minute yoga session, as well as some time for photo ops and dipping your toes in the glacier fresh water.  

What's included:

  • Shuttle to Whistler Heliport from Whistler Village

  • Scenic flight over backcountry mountains and glaciers to Beverley Lake

  • 20 minutes in the air, and 1.5 Hours on the ground (30 mins free time, 1 hour class).

  • Premium yoga mat rental from LuluLemon Whistler

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

What to bring: 
Camera, sunglasses, extra water, and layered clothing.
Optional: Your own yoga mat.

$1780 + GST for up to 4 guests


Available Dates:
Summer months only
Available every day at 9:00am.
If you prefer a later start time or have a larger group, please call or email us to book.

Other Important Information:

Larger groups can be accomodated, subject to additional charges. Please call/email for more info.
All tours and adventures are subject to weather, availability of aircraft, and civil emergencies.
Reservations cancelled within 24 hours will be assessed a 100% cancellation fee.
Cancellations due to weather, no charges will apply.
Free shuttle available from Whistler Village to the Whistler Heliport for up to 14 passengers.
Custom tours available upon request.

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