Heli Hiking intake form

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Aesthetic Level : off-trail, gentle to low-angle meadows, uneven ground; rest stops at viewpoints, small lakes, and tarns; focus is on aesthetics and a ‘stop and smell the roses’ pace; some elevation gain and/or loss. Experienced Level : off-trail, low to moderately angled terrain, uneven ground; small talus and/or scree slopes to ascend/descend; a balance of aesthetics and exercise; for guests who enjoy a hike in the mountains with more emphasis on travelling through the terrain but at a comfortable pace; moderate but reasonable amounts of elevation gain and/or loss. Seasoned Level : off-trail, low to steeper angled terrain and/or a more aerobic pace; small to large talus/scree slopes and perhaps a little travel on easy but firm snow; enjoys aesthetics and also values mileage; seasoned hiker, comfortable in committing sections of travel, able to move smoothly in off-trail conditions, moderate or greater amounts of elevation gain and/or loss.