Jason McLean is President and CEO of the McLean Group and has an interesting corporate bio which you can read here.  Jason sometimes describes his role at Blackcomb Helicopters as “running after his brothers Sacha and John figuring out how to pay for stuff”.  A recovering lawyer, Jason finds himself drawn into most transactions such as acquiring new aircraft and financing growth. 

Jason spent his early 20’s thinking he might teach mountaineering and has a very dated set of minor climbing accomplishments to his name.  This makes him passionate about the mountains and all of the adventure activities Blackcomb Helicopter supports.  As a university student, he worked winters as a volunteer patroller and dispatcher at the Whistler Mountain Ski Patrol and summers with Sacha as crew in the Coast Guard’s Inshore Rescue Boat program.  It is strongly suspected that he uses these old experiences to justify his meddling with the company radio system where he can often be heard calling “radio checks” into dispatch. 

He also describes himself as one of the more knowledgeable “helicopter laypersons” (people with no helicopter qualifications whatsoever).  This is likely due to having to listen to Sacha and John and others opine for thousands of hours about aviation matters.