John morris

General manager

John Morris is a Director of Blackcomb Helicopters, Accountable Executive, and General Manager.  His accomplishments in the aviation industry are well known and you can read more about them here but being the Whistler Base Manager for Okanagan Helicopters in the early 1980’s sometimes gets left out.  John grew up in North Vancouver and emigrated to the Republic of Squamish and has since spent most of his career commuting in one direction or another in service of the aviation business, most recently with his own outfit Omega Aviation and then as one of the partners of Blackcomb Helicopters. 

John is a multi-disciplinary pilot’s pilot and has quasi-photographic recall of operational and regulatory details.  This is very useful in the business but can be annoying to his family.  He is also the unofficial other lawyer in the law firm of McLean & McLean and has been known to litigate on our behalf.  The McLean family holds John firmly responsible for introducing them to the helicopter business starting when Sacha leased him a Twinstar. 

If John could have a fleet of single type aircraft, it would be composed of the glorious Jet Ranger.  A little known bit of trivia: all our directors attended the same high school, but only one of them when it was still a reform school.

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