Sacha McLean is Vice Chairman of the McLean Group and has an interesting corporate bio which you can read here.  In the story of Blackcomb Helicopters Sacha played a central role in putting together the initial company acquisitions that created the modern Blackcomb Helicopters and served as company CEO overseeing major expansion of both fleet and operational capabilities.  To this day, he pushes new opportunities and is fastidious about branding.  (Try asking him to define “Blackcomb Red”.) 

Now an experienced helicopter and fixed wing pilot (including jets), back in his early 20’s Sacha used to arrive at work at Vancouver Film Studios each day in a Bell 47-G4A, a “Mash” helicopter on the roof of his office, sporting a dot-com era goatee.  To say he has a passion for the helicopter business is an understatement and these days you may see him piloting a Jet Ranger around Sea-to-Sky Country hoping he gets to fill in for a flightseeing tour. 

While he has many board accomplishments to his name, he is currently President of the Bridge River Valley Flying Association (insert sound of mic dropping).  Sacha and Jason have a tradition of devoting vacations to road-tripping around remote airports in BC using the Canada Flight Supplement as a tour guide.

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