Who we are:

Blackcomb Helicopters has over 30 years of experience providing support to film projects ranging from Hollywood Feature films to small budget projects.  We understand the challenges of film production, and are ready to support your project in every way including:

  • Camera Helicopter (Experienced and credited camera pilots)

  • Picture Helicopter (Experienced pilots with stunt and picture helicopter credits)

  • Transport Helicopter (Extensive mountain, remote location and long line flight experience)

  • Staging, fuel, wifi and support from any of our 6 strategically located bases in SW British Columbia.

Blackcomb Helicopters Film Projects

Convert our Helicopters to suit your Films Needs

Film Support

What makes Backcomb Helicopters unique besides our versatility is our ability to provide production support including:

  • Partner of Vancouver Film Studios offering production space

  • Partner of Pacific Backlot Services offering lighting, grip, etc.

  • Wifi & Office space

  • Additional rental space for production in Vancouver and Pemberton

  • Inquire about any additional services you may need. See our base locations and photos HERE

  • Rental Mountain Safety Gear, Hand-Held Radios, First Aid Gear available

  • Mobile, Staffed Aircraft Fuel Support Vehicles

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Film Locations

Equipment rentals

Night Sun Spot Light

Night Sun Spot Light

Tyler Ops Spec Platform

Tyler Ops Spec Platform

For a full list of equipment rentals, see our partners at PACIFIC BACKLOT SERVICES

Our Helicopters


For additional support, contact OUR FILM PARTNERS: