Utility Experience

Blackcomb Helicopters has the requisite experience, knowledge and fleet diversity to help any company from concept to construction and maintenance. We have been operating twin engine helicopters since 2006 with over 11,000 hours logged. We're an industry expert in utility and power line support and have developed a highly skilled flight team who work exclusively on flying in the wire environment projects. Audited and approved by the Aircraft Operations Department at BC Hydro, Blackcomb has been performing work for BC Hydro since 1989 and is the leading provider of helicopter services to BC Hydro in the province.

Our Services Include

  • Touch and go landings
  • Pulling buggies
  • Placing marker balls
  • Pulling sock line
  • Glass changes (live line)
  • Pole setting
  • Timber changes
  • HEC / Class D (above the skids) platform work
  • Live line work
  • Wildfire capture
  • Line patrol
  • Hanging transformers
  • Picking conductor
  • Cross arm and space changes
  • Crew moves
  • Ferrying equipment (long line) 

Environmental And Wildlife Services 

Blackcomb Helicopter’s provides a variety of general services to the forestry sector including:

  • Bear surveys
  • Fish surveys
  • Heli logging
  • Wildlifemanagement
  • Environmental surveys
  • Air calling inventory work
  • Timber cruising

Specific to training:

12 company’s pilots have attended Robert Feerst’s “Flying in the Wire Environment Course”, a course originally facilitated in BC by Blackcomb Helicopters who co-hosted the inaugural course with BC Hydro. Robert Feerst is President of Utilities/Aviation Specialists, a consulting firm specializing in wire-strike avoidance research for Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”).

Our hydro utility management team travelled to California in 2011 to participate in a day review of powerline utility work methods employed by Southern California Edison, which included live demonstrations of Class D insertion methodology

We also have pilots have collectively performed over 53,000 hours of hydro-approved operations since 1989.